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What We Do

We believe that all successful companies are built on strong brands, and that all strong brands are centered on the customer. We help companies create strong value propositions built on these brands that resonate with all of their audiences, and drive business strategies.

Who We Are

CJ Patrick Company was founded by Rick Sharga, an accomplished Marketing executive with over 30 years of experience in consumer and business-to-business practice. 


The company has extensive experience in the Technology, Real Estate and Mortgage industries, but its process and approach to resolving business issues works across virtually all markets, and for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises.



Business Strategy

  • Market Research
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Business Model Review
  • Competitive Analysis


Brand Strategy

  • Brand Research and Consulting
  • Naming and Identity
  • Positioning and Messaging Development


Marketing Services

  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Public Relations 
  • Social Media
  • Digital and Offline Marketing
  • Customer Communications
  • Internal Communications